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The ultimate goal of why businesses look for SEO content writing is to increase online visibility, traffic, and conversions.
Optimizing content without optimizing the page where it is placed is like running a car on a low fuel level.
Combine both and boom… The growth process will accelerate.

Why content writing for SEO is that essential?

Google ranks webpages according to the quality of the content. It also considers the quality of its code. Lastly, users consider top-ranking pages as leaders in their industry.

Quality content representing your brand on quality pages is what my SEO content service is all about.

Content writing structure

Grow your business with my SEO Content writing service

Keyword research

I define the main keywords and their latent semantics that best describe your service to your niche target audience. Depending on the search volume, the competition level suitable for the SEO maturity of your website, forecasted searches, and clicks, user intent & social signals.

Internal/ External link Mapping

Optimized content should not be an orphan without an internal page (parent) linking to it. It also needs to refer to external authority websites to generate trust. I optimize the linking of your content organically within relevant contexts.

SEO content writing

Applying best SEO writing techniques, I create quality and unique content representing your brand. I design the content structure, keywords, and other on-page elements important to search engines to make the perfect sauce for a well-optimized content.

UX design optimization

SEO and UX go together hand in hand. Optimized pages need to be also converting. I assess your page layout, navigation and structure, mobile experience, and other important elements. You get practical recommendations to improve lead generation and conversions.

Robot Metatags

Meta tags are important because they help search engines understand and display what your content is about. I optimize your metadata with unique, descriptive, click-worthy tags that attract your target audience and match their search intent.

Technical audit

I assess the health of the page code. Manually as well as using advanced web tools, I cover all technical factors such as page speed, indexing, JavaScript loading..etc). I either do the fix myself/ with my IT partners or communicate the fixes with your IT team.

SEO Content that represents your brand for your specific Digital SEO industry

Content optimization is one part of the story. The other part is brand representation. It requires top service to have your products visible to your niche audience with powerful, engaging, and persuasive content. No matter what is your industry, my research tools will even help to find the keywords for the most complex technical jargon and target your niche audiences.

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    Nadia Mojahed

    Digital SEO Consultant

    Geneva, Switzerland

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