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With the growing demand and competition online, SEO is not a choice but a necessity. Optimize your website organically for Google and other search engines and grow your business tremendously. SEO does not only mean increasing traffic and conversions but also improving your competitive edge, user knowledge, and tapping into industry trends.

Why SEO is that important for your business?

Because page number 1 on Google search results gets 91.5% of total clicks. Position No. 1 on the 1st page receives 35% of the clicks, Followed by 15% by the 2nd position and 10% by the 3rd position. Page number 2 is the best place to hide a dead body.

If you do not optimize your website organically, your competitors will do. Leaving the space for them to reach your target audiences.

A Custom SEO Service Based On Comprehensive SEO Analysis Of Your Website

Full website audit (technology, code, crawl ability of pages, download speed, security, site errors. etc.)

Analysis of current web performance (traffic rates and sources, conversions, Keyword positioning and rankings..etc)

On-page SEO (content structure, use of keywords, meta data, headings, alt tags, interlinking of pages…etc)

Keyword research and selection (volume, competition, user intent, traffic forecasts and SERP results)

Comprehensive local SEO audit, business listing, and optimization on Google My Business, Bing..etc, & relevant niche sites

Competitive analysis (Research and define your competitors online, traffic sources, referrals, and monitor your industry performance)

External links ‘Backlink’ profile health (Check the quality of your backlinks, remove harmful spammy links, and optimize healthy ones)

Ongoing analysis & optimization. Apply tactics to reach KPIs sooner. Monthly performance reports of milestones achieved.

Why working with a Digital SEO Consultant?

You might use names that are not what your target audiences search the internet with when they look for your products and services. You might find that IT developers have built your website on a technology that actually hurt your organic performance. Digital campaigns can miss on implementing simple yet important tactics to boost results. Leaving the website without optimization leaves the space to your competitors to reach your target audiences. Paid ads cost less for optimized websites. Therefore SEO is critical for your online success and for capitalizing on all digital efforts.

Frequently asked questions

We start by meeting and discussing your objectives, business targets / KPIs, priorities, and any stressing issues you face. I then conduct an initial assessment of your website, product/ service pages, competitors, and industry performance online.  
I manage SEO projects from A to Z. I implement the fixes independently and together with my IT partners when needed. Alternatively, I can work with your IT and digital marketing team to organise the SEO implementations if you prefer to manage it with your own resources.
Yes. The SEO audit analysis concludes with setting up your SEO strategy based on findings. I provide clear action plan based on priorities, needed resources and timelines. You have clear recommendations on how move forward with the implementation.
I need to access your website and analytic tools to understand how the website is performing. I help setting up the tracking if this is not yet done. Also, to have the contact details of your webmaster and/or IT team in case technical questions are needed.
Pricing for an SEO audit service varies depending on the website size and issues. The estimation is based on two elements. First, a business audit that includes a discussion of your business objectives and targets.  Second, an initial assessment of your website, keywords, current rankings and competition to identify the scope of work, resources time needed.
I work as your SEO partner. A long with the SEO audit, I give you advice on best SEO practices and useful information for carrying out the SEO plan. That ensures the continuation of my work on the long run and having sustainable results. The SEO audit is about, full website assessment, market and competition analysis, setting up a digital strategy, and providing the SEO consultation you need.

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